TV & Radio



► Natural Meditation
     KCL-TV: Kansas City Live
     4 minutes




► A Deeper Journey
     Share Wisdom Network, with Sher Safran
     1 hour












► Spiritual Teachings of "Jaws"
     PC-TV Live: The Listening Place
     30 minutes






► Snow White & Ganesh
     Veria Network: The Lisa Oz Show
     7 minutes






► The Zen Commandments 
     News 12 New Jersey
     5 minutes








►  The Ocean Under the Crashing Waves of Distraction
      New Dimensions Radio, with Justine Willis Toms 
      16 minutes





►  A Life of Inner Freedom, Part 1
      A Life of Inner Freedom, Part 2 

      Oprah & Friends Radio: The Dr. Oz Show 
      33 minutes





Natural Meditation: Think for Yourself
     Transformational Wellness Network, with Rick Kleffel
     1 hour






► Natural & Effortless: Meditation for Everyone
Unity FM Radio: The Yoga Hour 
     1 hour



► Cinema Nirvana
KRUU FM: Speaking Freely 
     30 minutes




►  "Jaws," "The Graduate," & "The Godfather"
National Public Radio: To the Best of Our Knowlege 
11 minutes





► Profile: Author Dean Sluyter
WFIU, Bloomington: Profiles 
     55 minutes


► The Worldscape as Movie
New Dimensions Radio: A Time for Choices 
     8 minutes
















► "Here We Are!"
     KXAN-TV: Studio 512
     2-1/2 minutes