Illustrations for Fear Less

These illustrations are for users of the audiobook edition (and anyone who likes color).

Chapters 13, 16, 20, and 25 photos © 2018 by Dean Sluyter. May not be used without permission.
Chapter 26 photo © 2016 by Tara Wings Sluyter. May not be used without permission.
All other photos: Wikimedia Commons.



Chapter 13. Take a Little Walk with Me












Cardio version












Hilariously exaggerated version












Chapter 16. Working In

























Bumping (1)










Bumping (2)


















Closing (1)










Closing (2)




















Opening (1)










Opening (2)










Chapter 19. In Your Eyes


Sri Ramana Maharshi
Saint Dymphna


Chapter 20. Sit Down, Stand Up.



Simple cross-legged pose











Half lotus pose












Chapter 24. You Should Be Dancing

Meditating Shiva
Dancing Shiva


Chapter 25. Who Needs Sleep?



Left breath (1)












Left breath (2)












Chapter 26. Notice the Sensations



How to do it: to enter into the kingdom, be like a little child.


Chapter 28. Decide, Begin, Persist




Django Reinhardt













Chapter 32. Bruegel to the Rescue




Rembrandt: Self-Portrait with Beret

Bruegel: Children's Games

Chapter 33. Nothing Sticks




Lama with melong














Chapter 36. Lord Shiva Kicks Ass



Abhyanga mudra





Chapter 39. Love Is All Around



The Lovers





















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