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To start meditating right now, just sit comfortably — or flop on your favorite hammock — and go HERE (free stream of "Eyes Closed," 17 minutes). Click the play button. Come back and repeat whenever you like; once a day is highly recommended.

Sometime in your first few days of practice, it would be good to hear THIS (free stream of "How and Why," 23 minutes). At some point you might also want to stream (for free) or download (for a few bucks) any of the tracks below.

You can also access Dean's live biweekly sessions at his YouTube channel.




In this recording of one of Dean's popular Tuesday night sessions in Santa Monica, he leads the group step by step, past counterproductive effort and limiting concepts, into the naturalness of resting as boundless, skylike awareness. Then he guides them into a deeper exploration of how we can continue to rest in this boundlessness every moment of our lives. Recommendation: Please listen to this 81-minute recording straight through.

► Stream (free) or download Rest as Awareness.





Virtually any experience — a sound, the breath, the sky — can be used as the entry point into natural meditation. In this 24-minute track, the entry point is the sensation of the feet resting on the ground or floor. Afterward, even in the thick of activity, you can reestablish your connection with inner silence anytime, simply by reconnecting with this sensation. 

► Stream (free) or download Feet-on-the-Ground Meditation.





Since its release in 2002, Just Being has helped thousands of people settle into effortless meditation. This 54-minute digital album features two guided practice sessions, one with eyes closed, one with eyes open. They are followed by an in-depth discussion of such topics as establishing a daily practice, overcoming common obstacles, and staying inspired by a clear vision of the transformation that meditation brings about. Remastered for improved audio, June 2016.

"Sluyter has a knack for making things simple; his clarity of instruction is remarkable, and his warmhearted openness encourages one to practice regularly, not in the spirit of doing homework or taking medicine, but as a joyous adventure." 
– Philip Goldberg, author, 
American Veda

And Available as Audiobooks ... 

► Fear Less
Natural Meditation
► Cinema Nirvana
► The Zen Commandments

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