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TV/Video Interviews

KCL-TV, Kansas City Live


Quick, fun, breezy interview … The ease of natural meditation: just letting it happen … Its usefulness for dealing with the trauma and stresses of modern life … “Don’t worry about the worry” … The difference between meditation and relaxation … Etc.

4 minutes

BuiltLean Podcast


Fitness expert and BuiltLean founder Marc Perry interviews Dean. A smart, fun conversation of the how and why. Addresses some common concerns and misconceptions.

44 minutes

Fire It Up, with C.J. Liu


The anxiety epidemic … Finding (not creating) the space beyond anxiety … The forehead-slapping moment … Working at meditation is self-defeating … Guided meditation: resting in the effortless spontaneity of awareness … Meditating through the Hawaii nuclear alert.

51 minutes

With Rick Archer


In-depth, long-form interview … Evolution of Dean’s practice and teaching … Beauty and pitfalls of teachers, including Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Mooji … Sudden vs. gradual awakening … Is there a universe outside our awareness? … Note: Not entry-level!

2 hours 10 minutes

Keeping It Real, with Krysta Gibson


With the publisher of New Spirit Journal. Friendly intro to several of the methods in Dean’s 2018 book Fear Less … Breathe through your feet … Are political rants on FaceBook helpful? … The sweetest dog in the world … Singing descending fifths … Etc.

24 minutes

Share Wisdom, with Sher Safran


Warm-hearted session, with guided meditation … Concepts from Dean’s book Natural Meditation … Childhood experiences of awakening … Changing the world, through activism or awakening? … How meditation makes college easier … Unexpect the expected.

1 hour

PC-TV Live, The Listening Place


An exploration of the unintended enlightenment teachings of “Jaws,” per Dean’s book Cinema Nirvana … The shark as shunyata, emptiness … Quint, Hooper, and Brody as the three archetypal responses to emptiness.

30 minutes

The Lisa Oz Show, Veria Network


All the details of traditional iconography — like Lord Ganesh’s elephant head and the mouse at his feet — convey enlightenment teachings … Applying that principle to Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” … Queen as ego, Prince as awakening, etc.

7 minutes

News 12 New Jersey, Daytime Edition


Vintage — from the VHS era! Young Dean discusses his second book, The Zen Commandments, with local New Jersey news hosts. Breathing at the red light … Taking out the trash … “You may as well sit back and enjoy, because what are your options?”

5 minutes

radio/Audio Interviews

The Upgrade, from Lifehacker


After some adventures with virtual-reality spiders, the editors of Lifehacker interview Dean on Fear Less … What’s up with millennials? … The perfect storm of anxiety … Slicing through fear with the sword of insight … Wisdom of Tom Hanks and Alfred E. Neuman.

40 minutes (Dean's interview starts about 10 minutes in)

New Dimensions Radio, with Justine Willis Toms


Why meditate? … Drawing within yourself like a turtle … No one can make their mind a blank, or has to … The search for stability … Story of the musk deer … We are ananda, bliss beyond bliss … The space between thoughts … “Mind always wants a piece of the action”

16 minutes

The Yoga Hour, Unity Online Radio


With guest host Dr. Laurel Trujillo … Why anyone can meditate … As natural as water flowing downhill … Not trying, not doing, just being … Find which natural approach you feel most at home with … Practical tips for adapting meditative practice to your own daily life.

1 hour

New Dimensions Radio: A Time for Choices


Interview with the late Michael Toms, founder of New Dimensions Radio … Forces of fear and repression vs. growth of expansive awareness … “Independence Day” as prophecy of 9/11 … Meditative practice for coping with our personal 9/11’s.

8 minutes

National Public Radio: To the Best of Our Knowlege


A beautifully produced NPR feature. Insights from Cinema Nirvana … Seeing “Jaws” from the shark’s point of view … “The Graduate”: youth vs. plastics … “The Godfather” as Coppola’s contemplation of God the Father.

11 minutes