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Video Interviews

A relaxed, wide-ranging discussion, highlighting the unintended dharma repercussions of Walt Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” but also exploring why meditation is the core practice for awakening (“the one to do if you’re only doing one”), why the most effective meditation is effortless, and other related topics.

47 minutes

A Dialog with Dhammarato


Lots of laughter in this conversation with Dhammarato, a much-loved, down-to-earth Buddhist monk in the Thai forest tradition, originally from Oklahoma. He and Dean bat around numerous topics, including Henry David Thoreau, Bugs Bunny, the Four Noble Truths, waltzing your way to awakening rather than marching, and the wisdom of laziness. Hosted by Steve James, a.k.a. Guru Viking.

1 hour 22 minutes

With Steve James ("Guru Viking")


In Dean’s second conversation with Steve, they go deep into many topics, including why effective meditative practice must be effortless. Other topics include “watershed” experiences of awakening, Emily Dickinson’s nondual insight, Dean’s favorite mantras, jazz improvisation, finding the Buddha in cowshit, Cinema Nirvana, The Dharma Bum’s Guide to Western Literature, fetishizing meditation, “mood-making” and other facsimiles of awakening, and Dean’s early days with Buddhist lama Ngak’chang Rinpoche. 

1 hour 10 minutes

Next Level Soul, with Alex Ferrari


A relaxed, wide-ranging discussion with film professional and spiritual explorer Alex Ferrari. Alex asks Dean about his path toward awakening, his books (especially Cinema Nirvana and Dharma Bum’s Guide), and the subtleties of meditative practice.

54 minutes

With Steve James ("Guru Viking")


One of the best, most probing interviews Dean has done, on his book The Dharma Bum’s Guide to Western Literature, but also going in great depth into his development as a person and a teacher and the arc of his spiritual life.

1 hour 20 minutes

In this wide-ranging, easy-going interview with Tim Walter, U.K. expert on dowsing and spirituality, Dean discusses his first experiences of expansive consciousness, The Dharma Bum’s Guide to Western Literature, effortlessness as the key to meditation, and more.

22 minutes

With Sandie Sedgbeer & the No B.S. Spiritual Book Club


Veteran U.K. media personality Sandie Sedgbeer interviews Dean about the ten books that have most deeply influenced him on his spiritual path. Highlights include I Am ThatThe Crystal and the Way of LightWaldenMad magazine, and more.

57 minutes

BuiltLean Podcast with Marc Perry


Fitness expert and BuiltLean founder Marc Perry interviews Dean. A smart, fun conversation of the how and why. Addresses some common concerns and misconceptions.

44 minutes

Fire It Up, with C.J. Liu


The anxiety epidemic … Finding (not creating) the space beyond anxiety … The forehead-slapping moment … Working at meditation is self-defeating … Guided meditation: resting in the effortless spontaneity of awareness … Meditating through the Hawaii nuclear alert.

51 minutes

With Rick Archer


In-depth, long-form interview … Evolution of Dean’s practice and teaching … Beauty and pitfalls of teachers, including Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Mooji … Sudden vs. gradual awakening … Is there a universe outside our awareness? … Note: Not entry-level!

2 hours 10 minutes

Keeping It Real, with Krysta Gibson


With the publisher of New Spirit Journal. Friendly intro to several of the methods in Dean’s 2018 book Fear Less … Breathe through your feet … Are political rants on FaceBook helpful? … The sweetest dog in the world … Singing descending fifths … Etc.

24 minutes

PC-TV Live, The Listening Place


An exploration of the unintended enlightenment teachings of “Jaws,” per Dean’s book Cinema Nirvana … The shark as shunyata, emptiness … Quint, Hooper, and Brody as the three archetypal responses to emptiness.

30 minutes

News 12 New Jersey, Daytime Edition


Vintage — from the VHS era! Young Dean discusses his second book, The Zen Commandments, with local New Jersey news hosts. Breathing at the red light … Taking out the trash … “You may as well sit back and enjoy, because what are your options?”

5 minutes

Audio Interviews

New Dimensions Radio, with Justine Willis Toms


A deep dive into The Dharma Bum’s Guide to Western Literature, exploring Huckleberry Finn, A Farewell to Arms, To the Lighthouse, The Catcher in the Rye, and other great literary works as adventures in consciousness. Justine is one of the best in the business; her interviews are always lively.

1 hour

The Mystical Positivist Radio Show


The Mystical Positivist, with hosts Stuart Goodnick and Dr. Robert Schmidt, is dedicated to the application of reason in the pursuit of spiritual practice and development. It consists of commentary, book reviews, interviews, and discussion in and around the local and larger spiritual community. In this episode, Stuart and Robert interview Dean about The Dharma Bum’s Guide, his (and other people’s) creative process, and lots more.

1 hour 51 minutes

The Upgrade, from Lifehacker


After some adventures with virtual-reality spiders, the editors of Lifehacker interview Dean on Fear Less … What’s up with millennials? … The perfect storm of anxiety … Slicing through fear with the sword of insight … Wisdom of Tom Hanks and Alfred E. Neuman.

40 minutes (Dean's interview starts about 10 minutes in)

New Dimensions Radio, with Justine Willis Toms


Why meditate? … Drawing within yourself like a turtle … No one can make their mind a blank, or has to … The search for stability … Story of the musk deer … We are ananda, bliss beyond bliss … The space between thoughts … “Mind always wants a piece of the action”

16 minutes

The Yoga Hour, Unity Online Radio


With guest host Dr. Laurel Trujillo … Why anyone can meditate … As natural as water flowing downhill … Not trying, not doing, just being … Find which natural approach you feel most at home with … Practical tips for adapting meditative practice to your own daily life.

1 hour

New Dimensions Radio: A Time for Choices


Interview with the late Michael Toms, founder of New Dimensions Radio … Forces of fear and repression vs. growth of expansive awareness … “Independence Day” as prophecy of 9/11 … Meditative practice for coping with our personal 9/11’s.

8 minutes

National Public Radio: To the Best of Our Knowlege


A beautifully produced NPR feature. Insights from Cinema Nirvana … Seeing “Jaws” from the shark’s point of view … “The Graduate”: youth vs. plastics … “The Godfather” as Coppola’s contemplation of God the Father.

11 minutes