Natural Meditation

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"If you thought you didn’t have the time, focus, or discipline to meditate, this book is for you. The approach is both simple and fun, but don’t be fooled. It’s powerful because it’s doable — and truly transformative."   

– LISA OZ, host, The Lisa Oz Show


"This is an accessible, wise guidebook from an experienced writer and teacher who understands the process of meditation from the inside out."
– Susan Kaiser Greenland, author, The Mindful Child

"Dean Sluyter demystifies a timeless practice that brings lasting peace."
– MC Yogi, rapper

"Dean Sluyter dispels many myths about meditation with clarity, eloquence, and insight. Without recourse to spiritual cliche or jargon, he shows that meditation is natural and effortless, and can be practiced by anyone who simply wishes to avail themselves of the peace that lies in the depths of their being at all times and under all circumstances."
– Rupert Spira, author, Presence and The Ashes of Love

"With simplicity, wit, and clarity, Dean Sluyter debunks the misconceptions and offers a user-friendly practice that will put you in the ‘Ahhhhhhh’ space, regardless of circumstances. He is truly the Wizard of Ahhhhhhhs. This book will help you find the spacious grace in your life."
– Steve Bhaerman, aka Swami Beyondananda, author and cosmic comic

There's no trying in meditation...

Just as water runs naturally downhill … just as leaves float naturally to the ground … anyone can settle naturally into meditation. Not trying, just allowing — not doing, just being.

The key is effortlessness. Whether you’re a complete novice or you’ve “tried it before,” if you can breathe you can meditate. Guided by veteran teacher Dean Sluyter’s easy-going, down-to-earth approach, you’ll test-drive a variety of meditative “vehicles,” such as breath, sound, the senses, the sky, and the simple sense of “I,” and discover which ones fit you best. You’ll find all the practical tips you need for adapting these methods to your daily life, even for a few minutes a day on the subway or in an office cubicle. And as your life opens to deep happiness, clarity, peace, and creative energy, you’ll be inspired to keep on practicing — naturally.

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Read Chapter 2: "Unexpect the Expected."

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